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Essentials About Oils

Each year, we hear about new trends in do-it-yourself health care. Some are worthwhile, while some are a waste of time and …


Light Therapy: a glowing review

Every day our bodies experience circadian rhythms, or mental, physical and behavioral changes that are based on our response to the light …

So, what exactly is a dawn simulator? Simply put, it’s a natural alarm clock that involves timing lights in the bedroom to come on gradually, over a period of between 30 minutes and two hours before your preferred time of awakening.

Good Morning, Sunshine

Mornings. While some anticipate a superb sunrise, for others it’s the dreaded dawn. Well, here’s a rousing thought: Your performance and attitude …

Tai Chi Classes Starting Soon

Two different 6-week Classes Starting Thursdays, February 5th through March 12th and March 19th through April 23rd. 11 am | Taiji 5 pm …

Reiki Winter Holiday at Lesley James MD

Reiki Rx for Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a time of wonder and joy, a unique season that brings delight to our senses. We look forward …


Integrative Oncology

Dr. James has experienced personal loss through cancer and is exceptionally sensitive to the unique needs of cancer patients. Conventional care is …


Now, Functional Nutrition

Dr. Lesley James welcomes Nutritionist, Heather Carrera and Sandra Sylvester, owner of Skylark Wellness and Healing, to our practice.