5 Steps to Healing Your Gut

October 6, 2015 @ 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Well Works

The 5 Steps to Healing Your Gut (and your Body)

by Lesley James, MD and Heather Carrera Staff Nutritionist

Did you know that migraine headaches, inflammation, allergies and/or autoimmune disorders can be signs of gut dysfunction? Did you know that sometimes even the healthiest of foods can contribute to gut dysfunction? This class will explore what normal gut function looks like and explain how a functional/integrative approach can be used to heal the gut. We will discuss topics such as leaky gut, the microbiome / dysbioisis, SIBO, food sensitivity, IBS, and healing diets.

  • Good time to talk about light therapy
  • Fermented Foods, Broths, Gut Healing Diets
  • Broths (both animal and vegan)
  • Gratitude, Forgiveness
  • Building Immunity
  • Cancer Prevention, Eating Healthy For Prevention of Recurrence

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