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July 16, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
Well Works
2851 Clover Street
Pittsford, NY 14534
Lesley James, MD
(585) 641-7102

Meditations for the Season–taught by Master, Kathy Gill Ph.D., this is a series of taiji (tai chi) meditations to honor the change of season with an aim on rebalancing and restoring our connections to the natural cycles of the earth.

250 years ago we got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season and joined in with the energy and the festivals of the local community. So that we were totally in tune with the energy within ourselves and it’s relationship to nature.

However, now we can shop, eat, bank and sit in front of our computers 24 hours a day. We pay no attention to our energy fluctuations and, through the use of electric light , continue to work till late into the night, and at the same pace throughout the year.

For thousands of year ancient cultures have lived with and studied the cycles of nature in relationship to human physiology. The changes of the seasons affect our internal conditions and mental and emotional needs. We are part of nature and therefore part of its changes and once we cultivate an awareness of these changes and work in harmony with them, we can see how vital and strong they really are and how this can influence our well being.

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