First Consultation

GreenLeafAt your first visit, you should expect a thoughtful, humanizing experience that is the first step on your journey to better health. During the hour-and-a-half appointment, you and Dr. James will discuss your symptoms, health concerns, medical, family, social and psycho-spiritual history, childhood, diet, exercise and sleep habits, among other information that will help her create your treatment plan. She will also review any previous lab testing and/or medical records from your primary or specialty physicians so bring these with you if you have them. You will also have a physical exam as well as ample time to ask any questions. At the end of the visit, Dr. James will determine which laboratory tests you should proceed with and suggest basic changes in your diet and nutritional supplementation.

By your second appointment, which is typically one month after the first, she will have reviewed the results of any laboratory testing. Armed with this data as well as the results of your physical exam and the information you provided in the first appointment, Dr. James, will create your treatment program. She may also refer you to other experts for health and/or suggest classes or workshops that may complement your treatment program.

After the second visit, you can expect to come back in one month to review your progress on the program. This and future visits should last no more than one hour. At this point, your individual medical condition and program will determine the frequency or need for follow up visits.

While Dr. James doesn’t accept insurance, she is happy to provide you with the appropriate documentation and properly coded forms for you to submit to your insurance company. Most patients with out-of-network benefits, who satisfy their deductible, are reimbursed.


Medicare Opt-Out Form


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