June 2017: For The Love of Health & Science

Welcome to this week’s For The Love of Health & Science, Lesley James, MD’s bi-monthly link roundup.

This week: Preservatives linked to breast cancer, over-exercising and trouble losing weight? I also share links on Twitter @lesleyjamesmd and the Lesley James, MD facebook page.

Links of the week:
Common Preservatives Linked to Breast Cancer
How Much is Too Much

How much coffee is actually safe to drink? New review. //The Atlantic//

Common Allergy and Cold Medicine Shrink Brain, Could Lead to Alzheimers

Consider herbal alternatives and supplements to cold and allergy medications medications. //Oregon Live//

The Tale of Two Cancers
Always Pack Your Magnesium
Trouble Losing Weight? It’s more Complicated than we think
The Dark Side of Exercise

Stay tuned every two weeks—when we’ll return with the latest happenings in Your Health & Science.


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