August 2017: For The Love of Health & Science

Welcome to this month’s For The Love of Health & Science, Lesley James, MD’s monthly link roundup.

This month: Major finding have implications for many brain diseases, the skinny on apple cider vinegar, and how social interaction may improve cancer survival rates. I also share links on Twitter @lesleyjamesmd and the Lesley James, MD facebook page.

Links of the month:
Biomarkers for Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue
  • Biomarkers could give new clues to what causes the condition, and how to treat it. //New Scientist//
Tomatoes for the Win!
  • Eating tomatoes may lower risk of skin cancer… I love nature’s timing. //Nature//
House Dust Spurs Growth of Fat?
  • What endocrine disruptors are lurking in your house dust? //Science Daily//
Sleep, Omega 3s & Deep Breathing for Brain Health
  • Major finding in human anatomy has implications for many brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s. // Denver Post //
The Skinny on Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Does it actually help you lose weight? //CNN//
Importance of Addressing Early Life Trauma
  • A Traumatic Experience Can Reshape Your Microbiome //NY Mag//
Positive Social Interaction May Improve Survival for Cancer Patients
  • Social interaction affects cancer patients’ response to treatment. //NIH//

Stay tuned—we’ll return soon with the latest happenings in Your Health & Science.

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