Patient Advocacy

Providing a Voice for Patients

Dr. James is a board certified Integrative and Family Physician.

Throughout my career, I have considered myself somewhat of a medical detective. Satisfaction, for me, is digging deeper, putting the pieces together and asking “why?” And while this sleuthing, known among physicians as “patient advocacy,” has always been a part of my nature and paramount to my practice, I am expanding these services to help patients and their families deal with complex and life-threatening medical issues by offering my decades of professional knowledge, research and communication skills, and perspective to make informed decisions and help guide the path to the best possible care.

Helping patients and their families deal with complex and life-threatening medical issues.

If you’ve been the recipient of a devastating diagnosis or are a family member or caregiver for someone who has, you know that this is a time of heightened emotions and necessary action. I think we’d agree that this is not a winning combination. Perhaps you’ve left the doctor’s office with an uneasy feeling and a list of unanswered questions. Or you’d like a second (or third!) opinion regarding your diagnosis or suggested treatment. Maybe you think there are unexplored therapies, such as clinical trials, advanced treatment options or alternative ways to heal. You may feel as though you’re in need of a medical dream team, or merely a team that you’re comfortable with. Over the years patients have continually come to me with these issues, and together we have we have worked to find optimum care.

Unexplored therapies, clinical trials, advanced treatment options and alternative ways to heal.

I truly sympathize with my colleagues as they navigate today’s murky medical waters. For many, their time is scarce, medical records and communication are electronic and impersonal, and there just may not be enough hours in the day to connect with specialists to discuss a patient’s prognosis, or to properly research experimental and/or international treatments. This is when patient advocacy can change lives. I feel that once we connect — either by telephone, Skype or in person — and address your health needs, I can work with you to take charge of your situation by providing personalized medical research, helping to identify a definitive diagnosis, exploring treatment options and advising on connecting with the ideal physicians and therapies, whether they be mainstream, integrative or experimental, and offered in a neighboring town or across the globe.

This is when patient advocacy can change lives.

The bottom line is this: When one is faced with a life-threatening or complex diagnosis, there is always something new on the medical horizon and more to be done.

As the Detective Doctor within me enjoys taking the time to communicate with patients and connect the complex pieces of the medical puzzle, together we can discuss your fears and frustrations, analyze your options, put a treatment plan into action and, subsequently, fit in one of my favorite pieces of the patient advocacy puzzle: Hope.

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