SandraPhoto1Sandra Sylvester, owner of Skylark Wellness and Healing is offering wellness classes and Reiki therapy at the office of Dr. Lesley James.

Sandra is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a registered Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, an Ordained Minister, earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts in Education, has an M.S. Ed from Nazareth College, and is New York State Certified in Art and Elementary Education.

She is a hospital volunteer offering Reiki to patients and staff in Palliative Care, member of the Integrative Health Committee in Rochester NY, a member of The International Center for Reiki Training, and is continuing study with Pamela Miles, an Integrative Health consultant and Reiki Master in NYC.

Sandra Sylvester began Skylark Wellness and Healing to provide a safe, compassionate, and structured environment where you can begin or continue to discover how Reiki practice, energy balancing and mindfulness programs can add happiness, meaning, and healing to your life.

Schedule appointments at:
Contact us on Skylark Reiki Care Facebook page, or by calling 585-264-9629.

Visit Dr. James’ Calendar for the next class.

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