Special Opportunity: What’s a healthy home evaluation?

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.53.42 AMCould Your Home Be Making You Sick?

MattW_webMatthew Waletzke is a Certified Building Biologist from New York City and owner of Healthy Dwellings. He is coming to Pittsford to share his knowledge and evaluate your home for “toxic exposure”.

During the week of September 28th, Mr. Waletzke will be making himself available for a limited number of consultations to determine if your home has health hazards like mold, indoor air pollution, household chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.

“My goal is to identify the physical stressors in your home,” he told me. “The idea is that the new technologies, all the crazy foods, the chemicals in the products we use — BPA plastics and other things — are stressors on the body. You can’t control what’s outside your home. But inside, you can control what’s called the total body burden of these stressors, identify the ones you come in contact with on a daily basis, and then reduce, eliminate or avoid them.”—New York Times Article

Read more about Matthew Waletzke and what a typical consult looks like as featured in the New York Times.

Contact Dr. James right away to book your time with Mr. Waletzke from Healthy Dwellings. (585) 641-7102.

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