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SupplementingEvery day, we hear more and more about the benefits of supplements, how they provide a gentle boost in achieving our health goals and, overall, enhancing our lives.  Over the years, while I have routinely given advice on where to purchase high-quality supplements, I have wavered in making them readily available to my patients, as it’s never been my intention to jeopardize a familial relationship with the underlying inkling of an obligatory purchase.

What I have discovered, however, is that many of my patients who are interested in, well, supplementing their daily health regimens, have expressed that my recommendations are not always readily available or easily located. Furthermore, even though I often advise patients on recommended dosages and whether or not a supplement is truly necessary, I feel a bit helpless in then letting go, not knowing fully what is privately purchased and the manner in which it is ingested.

And so, in an effort to provide my patients with convenience and extended care, in my office you’ll now find a collection of what I consider to be the highest quality supplements, offered at suggested retail prices.

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Might you find companies online that offer lower prices?  Of course, but I ask that you are aware of expiration dates, as many of these sites obtain products illegally and then proceed to sell them to the public at lower prices.  Please know that I am more than happy to provide online sources for recommended products so you can compare prices or purchase in the comfort of your home.  In addition, when selling to the general public, supplement companies supply “practitioner grade” products, requiring a code from your practitioner for purchase.  These codes are made available by me at your visit.

If you’re interested in learning more about supplements, stop by and take a look at what I’ve chosen as the best and the brightest. I look forward to further dialogue with you about supplements and if they’ll benefit you, whether for an existing ailment or as a lifelong addition for heightened health.


Emerson_LogoEmerson Ecologics is a company that “legally” buys from companies and sells their products with permission. Many of the products I recommend are on this site.


A percentage of all supplement sales will be donated to fund integrative medical research.


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