Trouble losing weight?

It’s much more complicated than we think.

All foods and incoming chemicals must pass directly from the bloodstream through your liver to either be utilized by the body, or to be changed into a form that can be recognized by the body.

When confronted with toxic substances, the liver will either break them down or store them.

Substances that are water soluble (dissolve in water) are easy to get rid of, because they can be excreted. But the breakdown of fat-soluble toxins requires more energy because the liver must first convert these fat-loving toxins into a water-soluble form to be excreted.

When overwhelmed, the liver stores toxins in fat cells.

When the liver is overwhelmed with inflammatory irritants from incomplete digestion (poorly chewed food, lack of stomach acid or digestive enzymes), overuse of alcohol, or medications, it has less energy to devote to converting these fat-soluble toxins into a form that can be excreted. So when overwhelmed, the liver stores these toxins in fat cells (where they are relatively safe and cannot cause harm to organs) to be dealt with at a later time.

Unfortunately, due to our modern environment, the liver is usually too busy dealing with the newly consumed toxins and never gets a chance to address those that it has already stored away. And when the body runs out of room to store these chemicals, it can actually create new fat cells in order to safely house the overflow of toxins. Furthermore, toxins provide a continued source of inflammation to the body, and inflammation is the enemy of weight loss.

So how do you lift the burden off the liver to allow it to get rid of all these stored toxins?

There are two things you need to do:

  1. reduce your toxic exposures.
  2. provide your liver with supportive foods, nutrients and supplements to aid in its detoxification pathways.

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