Women’s Health and Well-Being Through Integrative Medicine

  • Women's Health FlierSaturday, March 22, 2014 | 8AM – 5PM
  • 7th Annual Jeffrey K. Harris, MD Memorial
  • Integrative Health Care Series
  • Info: Ginny Ruderman | (585) 473-7573
  • TWIG Auditorium | Rochester General Hospital

Learn more about Integrative Medicine in Women’s Health Care.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE focuses on the whole person, mind-body-spirit, and acknowledges that the relationship between patient and provider in itself can be healing. It is inquiry driven and makes appropriate use of both conventional and alternative methods. Jeffrey K Harris, MD embodied these principles and was a pioneer in our community. He leaves, his gift of integrative medicine as a legacy and we dedicate this conference to this model of astute, accepting, and holistic caring.

Women–the healers, multitaskers, mothers and sisters–have a story to tell. Only when we listen are we best able to care. By attending this conference local physicians and practitioners will be better able to provide health care for the incredible women they care for in their practices.


Attendees will be able to describe the role of Integrative Medicine in Women’s Health Care


  • define different integrative modalities in women’s health
  • describe the interplay of adrenal, ovarian and other regulatory hormones
  • identify epigenetic factors such as dietary choices and environmental toxins and their impact on women’s health
  • outline the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractics as it relates to pelvic pain

Download the brochure here for a listing of speakers & presenters and a schedule of events.

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