Xenobiotic Metabolism: The Body’s House Cleaning Mechanism


Here is an example by Dr. Jesse Davis and the Natural Partners Wellness Blog, that shows just how important the need for a regular detox and cleansing is.

In 2005, a project called ‘Pollution In People’ was launched to study the accumulation of various levels of toxic substances in people’s bodies. They looked at six classes of compounds considered harmful: phthalates, PBDEs, heavy metals (lead, arsenic and mercury), pesticides, including banned PCBs and DDT, and perfluorinated chemicals (eg Teflon). What they found was considerable build-up of harmful chemicals and pollutants in their study population.

“Every person tested had at least 26 and as many as 39 of the toxic chemicals we looked for in his or her body. This pollution in people came from everyday activities and products,”

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5-Session Guided Detox Class lead by Dr. Lesley James and Nutritionist Heather Carrera

Detoxification is an important process to healing, especially with the increased levels of toxins in the environment and the declining health that people continue to experience. While there is much focus on physical toxins like heavy metals and plastics, there are also internally-generated toxic emotions and thoughts that we encourage you to explore while going through these weeks. Allow this detox to involve your “whole self,” including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Sign Up for our next 5-Week Detox Session.

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