Attentiveness to detail

The attentiveness to detail, compassionate listening, careful explanation, and providing much food for thought while empowering me to take charge of my own health…these are just a few of the things I experienced today and they are all deeply appreciated.

Clear communication

Information about my blood test results and health issues was communicated clearly and in a manner I could easily digest.

I feel valued here

Truly appreciate the care and attention to details. I always feel valued here. Thank you!

A calm, healing environment

A calm, healing environment and a friendly, helpful face are the first things I experience upon entering this office. In addition, Dr. James is kind and thoughtful. Her expertise and experience treating challenging conditions allows me to remain determined to attain better health.

A pursuit of wellness and longevity

You have already made a difference in my overall pursuit of wellness and longevity. I have never had a doctor to spend as much time, and shows such care and concern with and for me as a patient. Going forward, I’m looking forward to learning more. By the way, I have referred my good friend to you. Thank you🙏🏽