Lesley James, MD

Preventive integrative medicine

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Lesley James, MD combines conventional medical practices with a unique approach to prevention and healing, addressing the underlying causes of health and disease by treating the whole person, body, mind, and soul. Focused on maintaining wellness and living optimally, Dr. James utilizes core therapeutic methods and embraces a carefully-curated combination of Integrative, Functional, Conventional, and Preventive strategies as her ideal approach to care. 

• American Board of Family Medicine, Certified
• American Board of Integrative Medicine, Certified
• Institute of Functional Medicine, Certified
• Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Fellow
• Bredesen Protocol, Trained
• Mind-Body Professional, Trained
• Academy of Family Practice, Member
• American Academy of Family Physicians, Member
• New York Academy of Family Physicians, Member 
• American Botanical Council, Member
• Newsmax Top 100 Physicians Who Embrace Integrative Medicine 2015
• Center for Mind-Body Medicine Professional, Trained
• Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society, Member
• Society of Integrative Oncology, Member
• Best of Pittsford Award, Recipient

Healing the Whole Person

Throughout her training at Jefferson Medical College and during her early career in family medicine, Dr. James’ interest in healthy living through prevention continued to grow. She pursued a Fellowship at the Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in the field. World-renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and evidence-based research supporting integrative methods, the Center for Integrative Medicine’s two-year fellowship program provides physicians with prevention-focused, patient-centered experiences, applying integrative techniques for healing of the body and mind. Dr. James implements these strategies daily in her practice, utilizing her experience in extensive therapies and carefully considering each patient’s mental, physical, environmental and lifestyle components to provide a balanced perspective on sustainable health.

“I have never approached medicine as being defined in a narrow manner. During my medical training, I was encouraged by professors and mentors to explore non-conventional therapies, such as mindfulness meditation, nutrition, exercise, even hypnosis, and never viewed a separation between conventional medicine and the exploration of effective approaches.”

Lesley James, MD

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. James enjoys tending to her abundant garden, cooking fresh fare, teaching classes, running, spending time with family, and walking her beloved dogs, Jojo and Lucy.


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