What to Expect

A Whole Person approach to medicine.

It is one of the most basic elements of integrative medicine, incorporating body, mind, soul, community, and environment. Dr. James approaches patients as whole people, not merely a list of diagnoses or symptoms, enquires about what a typical day might look like, how life experiences may have influenced current health situations and takes all these aspects into account. Meeting with Dr. James is more than a medical appointment, but an opportunity to embark on a journey of health transformation.

We offer the space and time to tell your complete story

The current medical culture is often fast-paced, and both patients and physicians are often rushed. Patients are rarely given the opportunity to tell their stories and be heard, and physicians often do not have enough time to think through complex medical issues. Dr. James feels this is an important element that is often lost in current practices, which can have a profound impact on a patient’s health and the future. (link to narrative medicine)

An individual and personalized approach

It is curated by a highly-trained and experienced physician, is hard to nd in this era of “fast medicine.” We do not use “cookie-cutter” methods learned during weekend courses, or what your insurance company might recommend because of a diagnosis. We get to know you as an individual, not a number, a diagnosis, or a list of symptoms. Dr. James has spent years curating her practice, which has afforded her the ability to provide a professional and crafted individual approach and treatment as unique as each patient.

Technology, Testing and Natural Solutions

Our technology and testing includes innovative and cutting edge methods

Our methods are aimed at identifying early biomarkers of the disease process and allowing for intervention at the earliest stage. Our proactive testing offers patients the best chances at healing and reversing disease, leading to the tenet of preventive, integrative medicine. We recognize that the process of healing, wellness, and vitality is more than just the absence of disease (link to salutogenesis).

We explore the benefits of a curated and judicious use of supplements including botanical/herbal medicine​

We do not advocate a “pill for every ill” or “supplement for every sickness” approach. Dr James’ training in botanical/herbal medicine offers not only the unique advantage of choosing appropriate, gentle treatments but also the combination of use of conventional pharmaceuticals and how they may interact with supplements and botanical treatments for long-term solutions.

A Deep Dive into Your Health

Your initial meeting with Dr. James and her staff is not a typical doctor’s appointment

You may visit in person or work with us remotely, although at some point during the early stages of the patient/physician relationship we would like to meet with you in the office.

We begin working with you by gathering information about you, your current health, your background and your family history. In the office, we will gather additional data, such as body composition, heart rate variability and cognitive screening.

Dr. James will meet with you for 90 minutes, exploring your personal story in an effort to build your in-depth health profile. Following your initial meeting, Dr. James may recommend laboratory testing, either taking place in a local lab or at home, to establish a baseline assessment. At your follow up visit, generally six to eight weeks after your initial visit, test results are reviewed and explained and we create an action plan that serves as a personalized road map for your health.

Setting You Up for Success

We are a participatory practice that encourages and provides opportunities for continued learning and education

Dr. James feels it is important to have a full understanding of each patient’s journey and encourages participation from her patients. In addition to meeting with patients, Dr. James provides education via access to curated resources, including nutrition, activity, mind-body strategies, and other therapies, based on each patient’s mental, physical, environmental, and lifestyle conditions.

We realize that your journey toward health and vitality begins with your first visit. As we continue to work together, Dr. James is available for remote or in-person appointments, and you will receive ongoing support from our staff. Our hope is to continue to optimize your health, encourage prevention, and share new health discoveries with you.

Integrative Medicine is Not Alternative Medicine

And Lastly

We have chosen to focus our time and energy on personalized care and our patients’ health needs, rather than managing relationships with insurance companies and billing health plans. It is, for this reason, we are a fee-for-service practice. While patients are able to submit the paperwork we provide at the end of each visit to their health plans, we are considered an “out of network provider” for most insurances and a “non-participating provider” for Medicare.

For the convenience and safety of our patients, we offer secure Telemedicine and phone appointments, which offer the same level of care as an in-office conversation.